About us

MONUNI was founded on the 1st of November 1996 with a single bag of veterinary medicine and passion to make impact that matters.

Beginning as a veterinary pharmacy, we did our best to ensure that farmers in Kosovo are provided with adequate products and their animals received the treatment they needed.

Same values accompany us to this day.Honesty, dedication, uncompromising integrity and the courage to offer the very best of our capabilities, are an eternal part of our culture.

Today, based on these values, our range of services has expanded and our list of products has lengthened. Where meeting and exceeding our clients’ needs is what drives us further.

We create impact that matters. As a result, what matters to you, matters to us. Every single detail of ours is created to offer the same level of attention and each one of our works is done to have a positive impact. For you and everyone else involved.

Things you may not know about us.

A lot of our work is out there. You have probably seen it, heard about it or been part of it. But there are some things that you may not know about us. Important things.

Chances are high that the local veterinarians that you trust with your pet or farm animals has that uses our products to feed their animals. Or that the pleasant smell you heard when you entered a store was provided by us. There is quite a lot to it actually.

We are defined by what matters to us.

There are some things we care about deeply. Like your health. We have been trusted by prestigious international and local organisations in more than 100 projects. These projects have given us the platform to demonstrate the value that genuine care combined with professional competence brings.

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